The Do’s and Don’ts of Legal Weed in California

As many of you know, weed is officially legal for recreational use in California!

While this is great news for cannabis lovers throughout the state, that doesn’t mean the rules around smoking or selling cannabis have completely changed too.

No need to worry – here at Strain Balboa Caregivers we’re happy to break down the biggest do’s and don’ts of using recreational marijuana in California.

  1. Don’t drive under the influence of cannabis: Yes, under the new recreational marijuana system in California you can drive with weed that is in a closed container located in the trunk of your car. But it is still very much illegal to drive while under the influence of marijuana or similar substances.

  2. Do provide a valid ID when purchasing cannabis: You’ll need a valid ID showing that you’re 21+ to purchase weed legally, just as you do to purchase alcohol. Make sure to bring your ID and cash when you visit a dispensary, since most shops do not take checks or credit cards.

  3. Don’t expect to purchase marijuana at all hours of the day: In California, it’s illegal to sell marijuana between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

  4. Do purchase cannabis from a licensed retailer: Always make sure the dispensary of your choosing is a licensed cannabis retailer. With a valid ID, you can possess 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of cannabis concentrates at the same time.

  5. Don’t smoke or consume cannabis in public: According to California law, you can only smoke and/or consume marijuana on private property, and you are not allowed to smoke, vape or eat any cannabis substance in a public place. If you do consume cannabis in a public area (especially one that forbids tobacco smoke) be prepared to fork up $250 for a fine.

  6. Do grow your own flowers: One of the major benefits of legalized recreational weed is that you are allowed to grow your own plants at home. While some communities may have a ban on outdoor cultivation, you are still legally allowed to grow up to 6 plants indoors.

  7. Don’t sell marijuana to anyone: Under California law, all recreational marijuana can only be sold from a licensed retailer. You can, however, gift another adult (21+) with 1 ounce of marijuana or 8 grams of cannabis concentrates.

  8. Do check with your employer before consuming cannabis: Make sure to check your employer’s policies on drugs and alcohol before consuming cannabis. Employers still hold the right to prohibit marijuana use and drug test their employees.

  9. Don’t try to travel with weed: It is still illegal to travel with marijuana by plane, even if you have a medicinal license. The same goes for trying to take your weed out of the state by mail. Never send your marijuana out of the state, especially in areas where it’s against the law. You risk major legal repercussions.

  10. Do contact us with any of your cannabis questions: Dispensaries like Strain Balboa Caregivers are excellent places to learn more about the flower and its different strains. We work with cannabis users of all needs and backgrounds. Whether you’re looking for medicinal marijuana or recreational marijuana, our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions and point you in the direction best suited for your specific cannabis needs. It’s our goal to provide a friendly and informative atmosphere, with quality product to match.

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